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FAQs answered!

Have any other queries? Send them to, use the chat function in the bottom right corner of this page or DM me on my IG profile @labnotes_eu. ;)

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Are there any hidden costs with the purchase? 

There are no hidden costs with your purchase; the price you see is the price you pay (VAT is included in the price). However, bear in mind that you are purchasing a digital product, so the costs of printing and binding are at your expense.


What is the best way to print and bind the LAB NOTES diary?

Every LAB NOTES diary comes with PRINTING GUIDELINES, where I shared in detail the available printing and binding options and a PRINTING HOUSE EMAIL TEMPLATE that you can easily copy-paste and send to different printing houses to get the best offer. You can choose between three main options:

  • Economical print option: the most cost-efficient option.

  • Smart print option: the perfect combination of quality & cost-efficiency.

  • Superior print option: high-quality option with premium features.


What are the approximate costs of printing and binding the LAB NOTES diary?

The printing cost depends on the printing and binding option you've chosen and the market prices of printing where you live. You can get creative and bind your diary for free or go all out and spend a fortune on it. The three options I shared with you in the guidelines that come with each diary (Economical print option, Smart print option and Superior print option) have a price range from 0€ to 20€+, with 15€ being the middle one. It also depends on the diary you are purchasing - the Recipe book diary will have a significantly lower price since it has fewer pages. Bare in mind that you are purchasing a diary with unlimited printing options, so you will buy your diary once. In the future, the only cost of you having a brand new diary will be the cost of printing & binding. ;)


I can't open the diary. There is some kind of password needed. 

Yes, all LAB NOTES diaries are password secured. You will need the password every time you want to open the PDF diary. You can find the password on the download page and in your email. The password card is also attached to your downloaded zip file.


Are there any recipes/formulas inside the diary?

No (except for the Skincare Notebook with one sample recipe), this is not a book with already written formulas. It's a notebook meant for writing and developing your own skincare formulas, which allows you to have a systematic overview of your work and knowledge. For more details and what's inside the diaries, click HERE. To find free formulas check out my BLOG.


Can I use the diary as a digital version and write directly to PDF?

Theoretically yes, if you have suitable software that allows you to do that, but I do not recommend it. Writing by hand will have much more value for your skill development; if you want to know how and why writing is important for every skincare formulator, download my free LAB NOTES manual guide HERE.


How long does one diary last?

Each diary has 40 formulation forms, so you can calculate how long it will last for your pace of formulating (e.g. if you formulate once per week, the diary will last for 10 months).


The prices are in €. How can I convert that into my currency? 

Use any online price converter such as THIS ONE. The prices in € are automatically converted to your currency once the bank transfer is complete.


I'm having technical troubles with the payment checkout page.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure you entered your payment details correctly.

  • Check that your payment card is not expired.

  • Check with your payment provider that you have available funds.

If everything is okay, write me a message to solve the problem as soon as possible. Use the chat function in the right corner of this page or send me an email at


I haven't received the file after the purchase. What can I do?

After the purchase, you should be automatically redirected to the download page. The download link is simultaneously sent to your email inbox. Please, check your spam and promotion tabs in your email inbox as well. If a few minutes have passed and you still haven't received your diary, send me an email at and I'll send you the files as soon as possible ;).

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