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Professional approach to developing safe & trouble-free anhydrous products that sell

Water-conscious and preservative-free skincare products are BIG right now and are slowly dominating the market of indie beauty brands.


»Formulating waterless« teaches you how to skillfully formulate water-free skincare products by making your design process easy, fun and well-organized.


get the best out of every single anhydrous product you create.

»Each chapter gives real-life, practical “how-to” answers to your questions, formulator's tips and science-based information to help you formulate anhydrous products that are cost and time-efficient.


With your passion, intention and
desire to grow, you will design high-quality
products way faster than you
would if you would need to search for
all the answers in hundreds of
different places.

You’ll gain confidence, form respect
and admiration for being a skincare
expert, your business will thrive, you’ll
save time and money, and you’ll love the process along the way.«

(Introduction, p. 5)

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In case you are wondering... /





What »waterless beauty« really means?

What are the perfect skincare products to start or grow my beauty brand with?

How do I create anhydrous products that are safe to sell, do I need a preservative? 

If yes, should I use water or oil-soluble preservative? How do I know if it's natural? What if I don't want to use preservatives in my products?



I launched an anhydrous product that I really loved, but nobody is buying it. Where did I go wrong? How should I design my future products, what steps do I follow?

I have a tough time bringing my product idea closer to the customers. How do I design a skincare product that my users and customers will absolutely adore?


I love being inspired by skincare recipes and love the fact that I have the knowledge to customize any skincare formula out there. I would also love to gain more confidence in writing my formulas from scratch, without any help or predetermined %.



How do I know if my anhydrous product is spoiled? And how to determine the expiry date for my products? Can I do anything to make them last longer?

I am super creative, but sometimes I feel like I lack focus. When troubles with formulas appear, I usually just give up and formulate a new product. Formula issues are very frustrating and I don't have the knowledge and energy to deal with them.


I love to read, research and learn new things about skincare formulation, but sometimes it's so exhausting and time-consuming to find the right and reliable resources to answer my question.


I would love to design unique, stable skincare formulas that fascinate and deliver.

The e-book "Formulating waterless" will crush all those dilemmas and systematically guide you through the process of developing sellable anhydrous products.

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Table of contents




Understanding of what »waterless beauty« really means.

Expertise to create anhydrous products that are safe and stable.

Confidence to choose the right natural preservative for your in-shower formulas or learn how to safely leave them unpreserved.

Knowledge about layering and designing your anhydrous product from scratch.

Skills to turn your basic anhydrous formulas into high-performance skincare.

Methods to overcome formula difficulties and tricks to successfully avoid them in the future.

Strategies for product development for successfully starting or growing your indie skincare business.

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Interactive pdf e-book, 108 pages (13000 + words), A4 format

Evidence-based skincare content gathered in one place (70€ value)

Printable bonus content (45€ value)

Equipment list

Product safety checklist

Stability record sheet

Anhydrous formula design worksheet

Sample formula: BUBBLE GUM self-emulsifying cleansing gel (35€ value)

31 literature references to further explore the topics on your own

Over 120 eye-catching photos and graphics to boost your skincare inspiration immediately

Insider tips of cool formulation tricks

Lifetime updates guarantee (no extra cost)


Total e-book content value: 150€ +

E-book price: 64.90€

*The e-book is phone, tablet, computer and print-friendly.

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You want to create stunning, natural and effective products for yourself, friends and family.


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You want to launch your natural skincare brand without added complication and without huge time and money investment.


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You want to grow your existing beauty brand with products that are environment-friendly and trendy.


e-book? /

Pdf file advantages that LAB NOTES users from all over the world love:

  • No problems with delivery - the e-book is available to everyone worldwide.

  • Free shipping every time - you have no cost of delivery, woohoo!

  • Instant access - download and start learning.

  • Lifetime updates - you buy it once and every time an updated version of this book is for sale, you will receive it automatically via email.

  • Great value for money - unlike hard copy books, you can't spill your coffee over a digital version and your dog can't eat it either. :)

  • Convenient use - the e-book is phone, tablet, computer and print-friendly.

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You can purchase just the e-book or choose the PREMIUM package comprised of the e-book and printable LAB NOTES 3 diary SET with fillable formulation worksheets for tracking and developing your skincare tests, recipes, formulas & products.

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