Lab Notes


Lab notes story

For me, there's no greater feeling than to provide my body and mind with all the best that life has to offer. I wish the same for you and others.


For easier formulating and studying, I've created my version of LAB NOTES (a notebook where I write down all of my skincare formulas, experiments and formulation insights). I fell in love with my notebook – it's very practical, covers all the details I need when formulating, and, of course, has a cover that looks nice.

I wanted to share this valuable, beautiful tool with all my formulating buddies and spread the good vibes and support. The love I've put into creating this lovely diary will hopefully work like magic in your formulating experiments (fingers crossed) ;).

I'm Ana, the brain, heart & face behind LAB NOTES :). I've been passionate about natural skincare since I was a teenage girl. My love for natural oils, butters, herbs, roots, seeds, fruits, flowers, and all the (edible) things mother nature kindly provides to us is an essential part of my life. I adore playing and experimenting with textures, aromas, looks, and taste! It's no coincidence that my life "as an adult" (let's  all laugh together) turned out to be all about cooking, baking, and formulating gorgeous natural skincare.

I work as a chef and bake-o-lite girl in the most genius vegetarian place in my hometown, along with the coolest people on this planet. I study with amazing Formula Botanica, one of the world's leading Organic Cosmetic Science Schools. I'm also busy being a mom to the most adorable 2-year old girl, a professional pigeon chaser, and a pledged pasta eater.

Hi there, my fellow formulator!
Lab notes story
Take care, nourish kindness, belly laugh, and eat delicious food that makes you feel good. Sending some green hugs and kisses to all the winning-formula-seakers out there!​