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Lab Notes


Lab notes story

Since my chef's career ended unexpectedly, my mission currently revolves around eating delicious food and turning it into skincare.

I know, I find myself quite resourceful, too.

I studied organic skincare formulation with Formula Botanica, one of the world's leading Organic Cosmetic Science Schools. My "Chef's Blend - Intense hand solution" skyrocket me among the "chosen ones" and made me one of their Hall of Fame graduates.

For easier formulating and studying, I've created my version of LAB NOTES - a notebook where I write down all of my skincare formulas, experiments and formulation insights. I fell in love with my notebook – it was very practical, covered all the details I need when formulating, and, of course, had a cover that looked nice. At that point, I knew that keeping it to myself would be a sin.

Hi there, fellow formulator!

I'm Ana, the brain & heart behind LAB NOTES :).

I've been passionate about natural skincare since I was a teenage girl. My love for natural oils, butters, herbs, roots, seeds, fruits, flowers, and all the (edible) things mother nature kindly provides to us is an essential part of my life. I adore playing and experimenting with textures, aromas, looks, and taste! It's no coincidence that my life turned out to be all about cooking, baking, and formulating nature-inspired skincare.

I like it messy! Obviously.

I worked as a chef for 5 years in the most genius, creativity-supercharged vegetarian place in my hometown, along with the coolest people on this planet. Although it broke my heart to have left that life period behind me I still got to keep the cool people and my love for food.

Fair deal. ;)

Lab notes story

After the pdf notebooks, I've written several e-books to help you become a better, responsible formulator who seeks inspiration in the beauty of the plant world. In my shop, you can also purchase instant access pdf formulas for DIY lovers, experienced formulators and skincare businesses.

I also enjoy working with amazing people from all over the world, helping them launch their artisan skincare brands and make their dreams a reality. 

I ​want to share my skills and knowledge in a form of these valuable tools with my formulating buddies and just spread the good vibes and support. The love I put into creating my digital products will hopefully help you on your way to becoming a skillful formulator.

For me, there's no greater feeling than to provide my mind, body, and spirit with the best that life has to offer.

I wish the same for you and others.

Take care, nourish kindness, belly laugh, and eat delicious food that makes you feel good. Sending some green hugs and kisses to all the winning-formula-seekers out there!
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