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FORMULATOR'S BUNDLE (Glossary + Product Developer)

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    Printable file advantages that LAB NOTES users from all over the world love:

    • No problems with delivery - the diary is available to everyone worldwide.

    • Free shipping every time - you have no cost of delivery, woohoo!

    • Instant access - download and send it to printing & binding.

    • Great value for money - you buy it once, and when you fill it out, the only cost of getting a new diary is the cost of printing & binding. You would spend way more money if you needed to rebuy a new hard copy diary. 

    • Unlimited print-out option & lifetime access - with a single purchase, you get lifetime access and print-out as many diaries as you like (for now, that option may change in the future) :)

    For more Q&As read the frequently asked questions HERE.

    20191114_124056 (2).jpg

    Earyn Merrick,
    Earyn's Home Beauty

    I finally got it and luv it!!! Thank you so much I can already tell this is going to help me keep my formulations on track and easy to find, already got a binder for it!


    joana review.jpg

    Joana Duarte, 
    Organic Skincare Formulator

    I'm fully delighted with my Recipe Notebook, It has been so helpful at my daily work at the LAB. I own the Product Developer Diary as well, and they work wonderfully together. As an Organic Skincare formulator I can't express enough how glad I'm to have this tools in hands, whatever you're an hobbiest, or a professional, beginner to advanced, you'll definitely need them in your life, it will make everything more easier, every information together, all you need to develop your formulations together in one place. I will soon get my Formulators Diary too. Need this complete bundle in my life. 



    Loredana Manushaqa, 
    Organic Skincare Lover

    I have to say this is one of the cutest lab notes ever for DIY recipes & formulas. Thank you LAB NOTES!



    Harisha Stanley,

    It's always better to write by hand to get ideas and knowledge. Love it. Feeling organized.

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