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Lightweight oil serum formula + my top 10 DIY oil infusions

They are amazing! They are potent, they smell divine, they add up to the color of your skincare products and you can have so much fun creating them. Yes, I'm talking about beautiful, handcrafted oil infusions. If you want to make your own make sure to check out my previous blog where I share all about how to make and use oil macerates.

This short blog will help you get inspired by my 10 favorite oil infusions that you can easily make on your own. If you're already fully equipped with your favorite oil extractions, check out the perfect springtime serum recipe below.

my top 10 oil infusions, diy macerates

My TOP 10 oil infusions

  1. Lavender infused jojoba oil: my go-to for skincare products for sensitive, hyper-reactive skin or baby skincare

  2. Coffee infused rice bran oil: my go-to infusion for toning and firming skincare products

  3. Rose infused argan oil: my go-to for my luxurious skincare preparations

  4. Rosemary infused olive oil: my go-to for my hair care products

  5. Elderflower infused jojoba oil: my go-to for prestigious, mature skin products or highly aromatic skincare products

  6. Vanilla infused almond oil: my go-to oil for body products and massage oils

  7. Sage infused olive oil: my go-to oil for minor skin damage, bruises, inflammations or burns

  8. Mint infused sunflower oil: my go-to for summer formulations and lip products, it smells divine

  9. Hemp infused coconut oil: my go-to for therapeutic preparations

  10. Cardamom infused coconut oil: my go-to for orientally scented products, I am in love with the aroma of this duo

Lightweight oil serum formula

A potent, flower-boosted lightweight serum that is easily applied, perfectly spread, nicely absorbed and leaves your skin feeling feather-light with a smooth finish. You can use it as an everyday facial oil or in the evening at the end of your skincare routine.

Make your own or customize it to your desire.

All you need is 5 minutes and no beakers. Just pour the ingredients straight into a sterilized bottle with a drop dispenser or lotion pump, mix well and VOILA!

RECIPE: Miss Charming Spring (oil serum) | 20g


41% | 8.20g Calendula infused jojoba oil

25% | 5g Rose infused argan oil

22% | 4.40g Olive squalane

9% | 1.80g Cherry blossom infused rice bran oil


1% | 0.20g Evening primrose CO2 extract

0.50% | 0.10g Pomegranate CO2 extract

0.50% | 0.10g Tocopherol

0.50% | 0.10g Frangipani absolute (5 % dillution in jojoba oil)

0.30% | 0.06g Rose Geranium EO

0.20% | 0.04 g Lavender EO


If you decide to include dry flowers into your serum bottle as I did, make sure to replace them monthly.

You can use any macerates or oils you prefer and desire. Just keep in mind that changing the base ingredients will affect the end product texture, spreadability, and scent. If you want to keep the lightness of the serum I don't recommend leaving out the squalane. You can replace other oils with other lightweight oils with a fast to medium absorption rate.

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